SEEDS Therapy

Seeds give life to plants and plants are also full of vital life force. This provides evidence that energy of huge power is present in them in a latent form. Constant exchange of this latent energy with the environment takes place through the mechanism of energy respiration, owing to which the seed, as a source of life, can improve health of other living organisms. This method of health regulation is natural and simple in use and is quite popular because of its high effectiveness. Positive changes in illness take place on application of seeds to painful points of the body. Treatment effect is caused by the biological waves, radiated during the vital activity of seeds, which stimulate the active points, fill them with the energy of life and at the same time absorb their pathogenic energy. Different kinds of seeds are used in treatment based on their shape, size, color and medicinal properties. For example, to help with eye diseases – round shaped seeds like black pepper; for kidney disease – seeds of kidney beans; for cardiac diseases – seeds of guelder or buckwheat; for pancreas – grape seeds; and for the diseases of the brain – walnut can be used.